Estimate and Deposit:

We make every attempt to maintain the lowest prices on the items we offer, but price changes do occur, sometimes overnight. As a result, our estimate pricing is valid for 30 days from estimate date. All special orders must be paid in full, at the time of purchase. All materials will remain at the warehouse of Premier Flooring & Design Center until full payment is made.

Preparation for Your Install:

Rooms should be cleared in preparation for you merchandise delivery. Please be sure that there is a clear path from the point of entry to your home to the room where your new merchandise will be placed.

  • Furniture Removal:

    If the estimate for labor includes moving larger furniture, please complete the following tasks before the installer arrives:

    • Remove all items from china cabinets.

    • Remove wall plaques and pictures from all areas including rooms adjacent to areas being installed.

    • Remove bedding and pillows.

    • Remove items from the top of dressers and tables.

    • Remove drawers from dressers.

    • Remove items from closet floors and all low hanging garments.

    • Remove low hanging draperies.

  • Toilets & Appliances:

    Your estimate may include removing and replacing appliances. That does not include disconnecting or reconnecting appliances with plumbing and gas connections. (i.e. washing machine, dishwasher, gas oven/range, fridge with ice maker, etc). If you have contracted us to remove your toilet, there may be unforeseen plumbing conditions that might cause a water leak. You may need to hire a licensed plumber to reinstall the toilet or repair a leak. Contact us for a current list of contractors.

  • Pianos & Pool Tables:

    If you have contracted us the move your table, please be advised that we are not responsible for turning or leveling. We do not move slate pool tables or grand pianos.

  • Safes:

    Safes must be moved by client. We recommend contacting People’s Warehouse for a quote (541-884-7425). If using a mover, confirm with us the day & time they will move the safe out of the area and then we will schedule your install accordingly.

  • Electronics:

    Out installers do not move electronics of any kind. Client is responsible for disassembling, moving, assembling, and connecting equipment after install.

Installation Information:

Every Effort will be made to complete your installation in a timely and professional manner; however, we are not responsible for ancillary or consequential damages or any other expense, e.g time lost from work, hotel expenses, meals, inconvenience, etc. that may occur from unforeseen delays in materials or installation.

  • Scheduling Your Install:

    • Without exception, installations are only scheduled once all materials have arrived in our warehouse.

    • Premier Flooring makes no guarantees as to the arrival date of materials as we have no control over delays caused by the manufacturer or shipping of special order product from our vendors.

    • For product that must be acclimated, your installer will deliver in advance of your install and may need an area cleared. Your installation date will not be set until we confirm that the product has acclimated (which can take anywhere from 3 days to several weeks).

  • Dust:

    Installing new flooring may cause a considerable amount of dust. Please take adequate measures to protect your belongings. The dust cannot be contained to the just the areas being installed.

  • Unforeseen Installation Issues:

    Many structural and installation issues cannot be seen until the old flooring is removed. If the installers find any issues during installation, work will stop until either 1) structural issues, the client (or client’s contractor) is able to remedy the issue, or 2) when Premier Flooring installers can fix the issue, a change order request must be sent from the client or installer to our installation manager. Your sales person will contact you with the change order invoice total which must be paid in full in order for work to proceed.

    • Examples include but are not limited to:

      • Termite damage.

      • Water damage.

      • Hidden crawl space access discovered.

      • Additional material required.

      • Damaged structural sub-flooring.

      • Areas of sub-floor that must be leveled or cracks filled due to product specifications.

      • Doors that must be cut down if new product is higher than your original flooring.

  • Special Considerations:

    This estimate excludes moisture testing, moisture remediation, and off hours work unless otherwise specifically stated on the estimate.

Terms and Conditions

All floor preparation, including the removal of existing flooring is the responsibility of the General Contractor or Owner. If required, floor preparation will be on a time and material basis of $55 per man hour. Premier Flooring and Design Center (hereafter PFDC) cannot guarantee an direct glue installation over an existing adhesive. Existing adhesive must be removed by the General Contractor or Owner, or by PFDC at an additional cost.

All material quantities are subject to the acceptance of the measure diagram submitted by PFDC. Work shall be performed during normal business hours. Any evening or weekend overtime required by the General Contractor or Owner to complete the job will be on a chargeable basis unless otherwise stated in the conditions of PFDC job proposal.

PFDC is not responsible for damage to walls, doors, chipped or cracked molding which occurs during the normal installation of the flooring. Extra work or service not specified or know at the date of acceptance hereof will be at an additional charge. PFDC is not responsible for an latent conditions relative to the installations.

Unless stated otherwise, all materials are first quality and all labor is guaranteed for one year from the date of installation. Seams are made to hold the materials together and maintain their structural integrity. Accordingly, PFDC cannot guarantee the invisibility of any seam. PFDC will however make every effort possible to make the seams inconspicuous.

PFDC expressly warrants that all labor and workmanship, except as stated elsewhere in the term and conditions, which prove defective in normal use or wear, will at the option of PFDC repair or replace such condition within one (1) year period from date of installation. Purchaser must notify PFDC in writing within five (5) day of discovery of any such defect and must allow PFDC a responsible amount of time in which to act on such complaints after notification by the purchaser.

The total shown on the Estimate is the net contract price. This proposal to furnish material and/or installation such material is subject to availability of material and is subject to acceptance by the company.

Any delays caused by manufacturer’s production and/or shipping products will not result in penalties to be paid by PFDC. Purchaser agrees that balances not paid in accordance with this contract are subject to a one and one half (1 1/2%) service charge per month (18% APR). In the event of default of payment hereof, for any reason, the Purchaser agrees to pay all costs of collection together with attorney fees of 15% if litigation is initiated to enforce collection.

Areas to be completed should be free of all other trades people to ensure proper installation. Persons not employed by PFDC stepping or working on flooring less than 24-48 hours after installation, causing shifting of floor or bubbles, will be responsible for time incurred to repair the work to satisfactory conditions. This proposal assumes that the areas specified are not occupied unless otherwise noted here. There will be a charge for furniture removal, take-up of existing flooring, floor preparation, and/or padding. This proposal expires 30 days from date of issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact PFDC at (541) 851-2105. Upon acceptance of this bid, please sign and return one (1) complete copy to Premier Flooring and Design Center.